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A Clinical Laboratory or medical laboratory is a laboratory where tests are carried out on clinical specimens to obtain information Lss Algeria about the health of a patient to aid in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Clinical Laboratory Manufacturers, Clinical Laboratory Exporters, Clinical Laboratory Suppliers, Clinical Lab Manufacturers in India.

Cleaner for Hemocue Photometer

Product Code : EDS-CL-11474

Material: Sponge made of polyvinyl acetate, pre-moistened with a cleaning solution.

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Microcuvette for Glucose 201+

Product Code : EDS-CL-11475

Microcuvette for Glucose 201+ Unicef. Capillary, venous and arterial whole blood can be used.

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Photometer Hemocue Glucose 201+ Set

Product Code : EDS-CL-11476

Automated point-of-care device for measuring glucose in capillary whole blood.

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Photometer Hemocue Hb 301 Set

Product Code : EDS-CL-11477

Provides direct reading from inserted micro-cuvette. Removable micro-cuvette holder

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Microcuvette for Hb 301

Product Code : EDS-CL-11478

Single-use, sample collection and measuring microcuvette. Collects 10 to 12uL capillary whole blood

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Punch Dry Blood Spot (DBS) 3.0mm

Product Code : EDS-CL-11479

Punching diameter: approximately 3.0mm Punch is reusable, and is intended

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